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Posted on Wednesday August 2, 2017

1 January 2017 to 31 July 2017
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Benchmarking Europeana

This Task Force worked to evaluate the methodology and content of the first study to benchmark Europeana as a cultural information service in order to propose a framework for future evaluation and benchmarking of Europeana services.


The benchmarking is done to get a better understanding of how successful Europeana Collections is compared to other/similar online cultural information services.

The Task Force Benchmarking Europeana relates to all four goals as expressed in the Business Plan 2016-2017, as the benchmarking contributes to a better understanding of the full scope and success of the online services of Europeana.

However, as the focus of the benchmarking lies with the Europeana portal, the connection to the objective 1 (Create a better customer experience) and Objective 5 (Develop community-segmented services) was the strongest.

The outcomes of the Task Force are:

  • An assessment of the methodology used in the Study Report "Europeana as online cultural information service" (September 2016)
  • An assessment of the content of the Study Report "Europeana as online cultural information service" (September 2016) as input for the formal evaluation of Europeana in 2017
  • Recommendations about the continuation of benchmarking activities in the context of Europeana
  • Proposal to set up a Europeana MC Working Group on benchmarking

For the evaluation, the Task Force also looked at other reports in which the Europeana portal is evaluated or benchmarked.

Communication of results

  • Publishing of the report with the results of the evaluation
  • Incorporation of the benchmarking results in presentations about Europeana
  • Publish a blog on Pro and partner websites about the benchmarking of Europeana
  • Publish the mid-term and final recommendations


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