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Data quality

To support our mission to transform the world with culture, we need to look at how we manage multimedia content and its description (metadata).

All data partners have their own requirements, goals, and capabilities. Your organisation’s policies and ambitions set out how you want to share your collections; Europeana can help you reach your goals.


To fulfill the minimum requirements all records in your collection should have:

  • Preview - a small image that represents the digital object that is a minimum of 800 pixel-wide.
  • Uniqueand meaningful title and description that provides contextual information about the object such as what it is, how it is used, where is it from, who created it.
  • Specified language for all textual information in your metadata (e.g. title, description) which is important to make translations and reduces cross-lingual ambiguity.
  • Rights statement that states what users can and cannot do with the content and metadata of the record such as share it in blogs and on social media, use it to create an artwork, an educational resource or an online application. 

For more information on how the quality of the collection you share impacts the outreach that we as Europeana can offer review the Publishing Framework.

Case study

Prepare your data so users can find it.