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Objects delivered to Europeana must include a rights statement which provides clear information about how it can be accessed and re-used. These pages offer guidance on how to identify the correct rights statement for your content, sign up to the Europeana Data Model and access resources around copyright and intellectual property. 

Selecting a rights statement

Selecting a rights statement

How do you select the correct statement? How do you submit rights statements? Read about what you need to know about selecting a rights statement.

Europeana Licensing Framework

The Europeana Licensing Framework standardizes and harmonise rights related information and practices.

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Can we achieve multilingual copyright information on Europeana?

Created: 1 March 2018

Everyone should know what they can do with the works they discover through Europeana Collections. This is the basic premise that drives our work to help data partners apply the most appropriate rights statements to the objects they publish. What if we made the information we publish about copyright and reuse available in your native language? Would it make it easier for you to understand and share?