Posted on Sunday August 20, 2017

Copyright Policy Working Group

The aim of this working group is to work together with those actively engaged in copyright and make sure we align everyone’s interests wherever possible.

The main objective is to have a place to exchange and share information in the following areas:

  • Upcoming changes and improvements to current EU copyright law.
  • Future changes of the Europeana Licensing Framework (and related policy frameworks)

Published Blogposts:

Mash-up using a public domain work by Paul Keller. Based on The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp by Rembrandt, Blogpost 19-12-2013


Paul KellerCompany: KennislandCountry: NetherlandsSector: Other


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Reyes Carrasco GarridoCompany: Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport SpainCountry: SpainSector: Museum
Ellen EulerCompany: German Digital LibraryCountry: GermanySector: Library
Merete SanderhoffCompany: Statens Museum for KunstCountry: DenmarkSector: Museum
Uldis ZariņšCompany: National Library of LatviaCountry: LatviaSector: Library


  • Anne Bergman-Tahon
  • Maarten Brinkerink
  • Blanca Descantes
  • Nadine Dauer
  • Pavel Douša
  • Carlos Guervos Maillo
  • Lucie Guibault
  • Kerstin Herlt
  • Wietske van den Heuvel
  • Jana Hoffmann
  • Rolf Källman
  • Lisette Kalshoven
  • Aranzazu Lafuente Urién
  • Pierre-Oliver Lesburgueres
  • Marios Papandreou
  • Patrick Peiffer
  • Steven Stegers
  • Olav Stokkmo
  • Enrico Turrin
  • Erwin Verbruggen
  • Concha Vilarino
  • Ben White
  • Maarten Zeinstra