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Portrait of Karin Glasemann

Karin Glasemann

Members Council Member
MC Term: January 2017 - December 2018
Digital Coordinator Nationalmuseum Sweden Sweden Museum

I would love to make the richness of Europe's digital collections even more visible, both by helping to improve the Europeana Data Model, as by advocating the importance of open collections. Like this, I would try to get more institutions on board, helping them to overcome technical and legislative doubts.

At Nationalmuseum, Sweden’s museum of art and design, I am responible for streamlining the internal digitisation processes and for making sure that the digitised collections can be found, accessed, used and re-used by the public. I hold a PhD in history and have initiated the Nationalmusuem’s Public Domain policy and several collaborations with Wikimedia Sweden, which boosted the Nationalmuseum’s digital presence. As part of our work to combine the physical and the digital visitor experience, we launched a new visitor guide app which I am also in charge of.