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Jef Malliet

Network Association Member Members Council Member MC Term: January 2015 - December 2018
Developer erfgoedplus.be PCCE (Provincial Centre for Cultural Heritage) Belgium > Other

I'm an Engineer-architect by education and worked for more than 20 years in various projects and functions at ICCROM in Rome (International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property). Since 2005 I'm employed at the Province of Limburg (Belgium), for the development of the heritage database/aggregator Erfgoedplus.be.
Following Europeana since 2008:
- Partner in the projects EuropeanaLocal, Europeana Awareness and LoCloud.
- CCPA, chairman of the Ethics Working Group in 2011.
- Europeana Network, chair of a Taskforce on public-private partnerships in 2012-2013.
- Europeana Network Association Councillor 2015-2016, Governance Working Group
- Actively following Aggregators Forum, EuropeanaTech, Data Quality Committee.