Tone of voice

Every text Europeana writes uses the same style or tone of voice. That consistency helps people know and trust us. Even when talking about technical topics, we remain clear and straightforward, and avoid complex jargon. But we like to show some personality too. We write in an accessible tone of voice that’s inspiring, welcoming, intelligent and relevant to our audience.

    Blogging guidelines

    If you’re writing a blog for Europeana Professional, thank you! To make sure your article fits in nicely, please send us:

    • 300-500 words
    • Include at least one image that you have permission to share and can credit accurately. Please send us this image in two sizes - 1240x600px to be used as the blog's main image, and 768x435 to be used as the teaser image. If you would like to include further images, they can be any size ratio, but no wider than 1240px.
    • Include functioning and useful links within your text.
    • Keep the structure and punctuation simple.
    • Keep sentences and paragraphs short and avoid jargon wherever possible.

    Contact Beth Daley for more information on blogging for Europeana.

    Trusted Bloggers Pilot

    Trusted Blogger logo

    Are you a blogger with an interest in arts, culture, history or education? Are you looking for high-quality images, videos or sound archives that you can use for free to illustrate your blogs? Then we would love to collaborate with you.

    Take part in our pilot project and become one of our Trusted Bloggers - use Europeana Collections content in your blogs and we’ll help you reach a wider audience!

    What you will get from Europeana

    We will offer you more exposure through visibility on the landing page of Europeana Collections blog. Links to your blog posts will be added to the page sidebar. From there, your posts will be exposed to an international audience.

    We'll give you our Trusted Blogger logo to add to your blog. You retain all editorial responsibility, with the freedom to write about the topics that interest you.

    Become a Trusted Blogger

    If you want to take part, you need to be sponsored by us or one of our current Trusted Bloggers. Get in touch to introduce your blog:

    Anke von Heyl:

    Moritz Hoffmann:

    Anne Aschenbrenner:

    Beth Daley:

    What we ask of you

    Once you’ve got your sponsor, there are a few things we’ll ask of you:

    • You retain all editorial responsibility for your blogs but publish them using the tag ‘Europeana’.

    • The blogs should feature material from Europeana (e.g. images, sound files, videos) that is openly licensed (Public Domain or Creative Commons) and correctly credited.

    • The blog should be shared on your social media channels using #EuropeanaBlogger