Posted on Tuesday February 10, 2015

The Europeana Rights Statement Selection Tool

The Europeana rights statement selection tool helps Europeana data providers to select one of the accepted rights statements that are used to indicate the rights status of objects in Europeana.

Answer the questions (max. 7 questions) below to determine the mandatory metadata field EDM:rights value that applies to a single object.

Is the cultural heritage object still protected by copyright?

Yes, or I don't know No

Determining Copyright Status of a work: Use to determine if a specific cultural heritage object is still protected by copyright in a given jurisdiction.

Note: Article 2.3 of the Europeana Data Exchange Agreement states: The data provider must make best efforts to give Europeana correct metadata on the Intellectual Property Rights to the content, including the identification of content that is Public Domain as being Public Domain.

To read more about the available right statements, click here.