Posted on Thursday August 28, 2014

Services (old)

Europeana provides two main services to bring rich cultural heritage to your audiences. Choose which service best meets your organisation’s needs and resources and try it out.

Europeana API (Application Programming Interface)

With our API, you can search, retrieve and display Europeana collections in external websites and applications.

Choose the Europeana API if you:

  • want to make your collections available in more complex and interactive environments, such as mobile applications and games
  • prefer a custom-made solution - with your organisation’s branding, perhaps, or an interface or set of features designed with your specific needs in mind
  • have in-house technical skills or dedicated developer resource

How to get started
Visit Europeana Labs to register for a free API key, and get access to technical documentation, case studies and online support.

Europeana Search Widget

Add a Europeana search box to your blog or website, and display relevant content (based on pre-configured filters such as media type, copyright status or providing country) from the Europeana database.

Choose Europeana Search Widget if you:

  • want a simple way to provide your web visitors with richer content
  • need a ready-made solution with quick and easy set-up
  • have no technical skills or experience

How to get started
A simple wizard takes you through the process step by step, and gives you a snippet of code to embed in your website or blog. Find out more on Europeana Labs.