Posted on Tuesday April 10, 2018

Run your own Collection day

The goal of the Europeana Migration Collection Days is to collect stories and material relating to migration and family history.

Collection Days will take place in partner museums and other cultural heritage institutions and are an opportunity for the public to share their own individual or family migration stories. Collection day events will begin in March 2018.

How Europeana can help with your Collection Day

  • We'll give you the opportunity to be part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, and a major pan-European campaign
  • We'll provide expertise and knowledge of running Collection Day events, including an online tool for capturing data with how-to tutorials 
  • We'll give you press and marketing material templates
  • We'll help provide visibility for your collections/organisation
  • You'll be connected to our network of 3,500 cultural heritage institutions

If you are interested in running your own Collection Day event to digitise and add material for Europeana Migration, you can find help and advice on how to do that in the following documents (more will follow soon).

Working with Wikimedia

Supporting the current Europeana Migration campaign, we are offering dedicated resources to partner institutions wishing to integrate a Wikimedia component into their work. Find out more about the kinds of activities.

Key resources