Posted on Thursday August 27, 2015

Resources & PR tools - NEW

Communication tools and templates for projects and other partners to consult, download, use and re-use

Europeana's brand identity was built five years ago around the concept 'think culture'. Our strategy for 2015-2020 outlines a shift from 'thinking' to 'transforming' - making much greater use of our cultural assets and creating new things with them.

We want our brand to reflect this shift.

You can see it in our new 'ripples' theme. Widening circles, with their origins in the 'thought bubbles' of the logo, give a ripple effect, symbolizing the extent and impact of our actions.

All the resources you need to apply the Europeana brand to your project's work online and in print can be found below, including a range of simple and useful templates for presentations, documents and promotional materials. You'll see when you start using them that we celebrate Europeana's collections by using a range of great images, and always attribute them correctly. Please keep up this tradition.

Brand guidelines
Learn how to use our brand elements in print and online to make your project and associated materials fit the Europeana brand. Discover which logo and colours to use where, and find out how to create striking posters, web banners, flyers and more. It is important that you use the existing templates and guidelines so that branding is consistent and professional across projects, particularly those that use Europeana's name.

Please only use the templates and logos below in conjunction with the brand guidelines.

Brand elements

Use a standard Europeana logo or download our 'Made with' logo to show your partnership/collaboration with Europeana.

Europeana uses open fonts Ubuntu and Open Sans for online and offline work.

The ripples theme is an important brand element that is overlaid on a hero image. The ripples represent the effects that Europeana, its community and its vast shared collections can have on the world.

Flyers, posters, folders and banners
Use our Adobe InDesign templates to create striking promotional materials.

Use our PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides templates to give your presentation a strong Europeana branded look and feel.

And for a ready-made presentation containing basic information about Europeana, download the 'Europeana Essentials' presentation in PowerPoint or Keynote (from the 'Templates' folder) or use the Google Slides version.

Word documents
Use our Word templates to give agendas and memos the Europeana treatment - other documents coming soon.