Posted on Tuesday September 29, 2015

Platoniq | Palma

Platoniq has collaborated and worked with many cultural and social collectives, nationally and internationally, in the area of ICT development, to promote free and open culture and citizen's participation.

Since 2001, Platoniq has cooperated with public institutions, universities and companies with affinity for the collaborative economy’s philosophy and the principles of free knowledge.

We help communites and projects conected with media activism, ecology, urban transformation and communal action with our platform in order to to share their knowledge with the society, find crowdfunding and facilitate the colaborations of citizens, public institucions and companies.

We focus on the application of the social uses of the ICTs, networked work processes and methodologies for collaborative creation through the ICTs, in cultural and social projects fostering innovation, citizen’s participation and free knowledge regionally, nationally and internationally.

Thus, our mission is to boost cultural and social change through the promotion and development of open source culture, free knowledge, the commons and Information and Communication Technology, giving support and training to individuals or initiatives who share or would like to share resources, data, information and knowledge as well taking advantage of the results given; conducting training and consultation with public and private bodies to publish, open or free information and data of public interest; promoting an entrepreneurial spirit through help in the setting up of companies primarily based in knowledge, creativity and social and cultural innovation; development and management of tools which facilitate the getting of resources and the collaboration or participation of civil society and the public and private sectors need for the development of said initiatives; maintaining and distributing repositories of information with open/free licenses accessible on the Internet for those that need them.

Concretely through our online crowdfunding platform and our own methodologies for face-to-face workshops, we aim to establish an standard for funding open projects so it can be replicated as a formula to raise resources for those initiatives promoting open and free culture and knowledge.