Posted on Tuesday September 22, 2015

Europeana Logs

Information on retrieving and interpreting logs from the Europeana portal.

We record user interactions with the Europeana portal. The log files provides access to search queries done by users and the various clicks executed on the portal. The equivalent of two months of logs files are stored and can be made accessible on demand.

Our logs have been analysed and used in the past by various research projects:

  • The CLEF initiative
  • The PATHS project: see more documentation project
  • ASSETS- Advanced Service Search and Enhancing Technological Solutions: see the related report
  • Europeana Connect for analysing users' attitudes and needs and opens new ways of discovering cultural heritage in Europeana: see the results
  • Galateas project

If you would like to get access to the log files, please contact Antoine Isaac [] or Valentine Charles [].

Be aware that any use of the lofs should comply with Europeana's privacy policy.

We describe below the details of the Europeana Logs actions and the Europeana session clickstream. We thank Maria Gäde researcher at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin for providing us with this documentation.

Europeana Logs actions

Action Explanation
BRIEF_RESULT User launches a query and is directed to the brief result page.
FULL_RESULT_HTML User clicks on an object from the result list and is directed to the detailed full result presentation
INDEXPAGE User views the homepage.
REDIRECT_OUTLINK User clicks on a link directing to the content provider.
RETURN_TO_RESULTS Users from a full view to the result list.
STATICPAGE Pages views with no dynamic parameter such as “contact us”, “terms of use and policies”.
BRIEF_RESULT Result list from a search query.
LANGUAGE_CHANGE A user switches the interface language via drop down menu.
LOGIN User logs in the user profile MyEuropeana.
LOGOUT User logs out from MyEuropeana.
LOGOUT_COOKIE_THEFT Matching of cookies fails.
REGISTER User registers for MyEuropeana.
REGISTER_FAILURE Registration process failed.
REGISTER_SUCCESS The registration was successfully confirmed.
EXCEPTION_CAUGHT Requested object was not found.
CONTACT_PAGE User clicks on the contact / feedback page.
FEEDBACK_SEND User has send a message at the feedback page.
FULL_RESULT_FROM_TIME_LINE_VIEW Object view presented at the timeline.
MY_EUROPEANA MyEuropeana link for registration or log in.
FEEDBACK_SEND_FAILURE User message from the feedback page.
CHANGE_PASSWORD_SUCCES User changed the log in password.
SITE_MAP_XML XML rendition of the sitemap so crawlers can navigate the website.
SAVE_ITEM Users saves an object in MyEuropeana.
SAVE_SOCIAL_TAG Users assigns a tag to an object saved in MyEuropeana.
CHANGE_PASSWORD_FAILURE Change of user profile password failed.
FULL_RESULT_FROM_SAVED_ITEM A user clicks on a saved object and views the full result representation.
SAVE_SEARCH User saves previous search terms in MyEuropeana.
BRIEF_RESULT_FROM_SAVED_SEARCH User clicks on a previous saved search and receives a result list.
REMOVE_SAVED_ITEM Users removes a saved object from MyEuropeana.
REMOVE_SOCIAL_TAG User removes a tag from MyEuropeana.
FULL_RESULT_FROM_CAROUSEL Users clicks on an object from the carousel. and is directed to the full result presentation.
ERROR_TOKEN_EXPIRED User session is terminated due to inactivity.
REMOVE_SAVED_SEARCH User removes saved search terms from MyEuropeana.
AJAX_ERROR Error with Java Script request from front-end to back-end service.
REDIRECT_TO_SECURE User is directed to a secure communication page (HTTPS).
FULL_RESULT_HMTL The HTML rendering of the full result page.
FULL_RESULT_SRW The XML SRU/SRW rendering of the full-result page.
FULL_RESULT_JSON JSON output of the full-result.

Europeana session clickstream

Field Example Explanation
Session statistics
IP B7A5C7280ACDE2F373D32BC53B7[…] Unique identifier replacing IP address.
Countries55 BR Country code derived from IP address.
Dates 2010-09-23 Date of access.
durationInMin, start_session, end_session 4; "10:35:37", "10:40:30" Session duration in minutes with timestamp of first and last log entry.
userHasLoggedIn false Session with login to user profile.
inactivityBreak true Session was cut off due to inactivity after 60 minutes.
pageClicks 24 No. of performed actions / page views.
bounceSession false Session with only one page view / action.
"FULL_RESULT" : 6 […]
List of actions with frequency; here: 4 times an outlink to content providers was used, 6 times a full object views was recorded, etc.
Order of actions performed during a session
> ...
Request and referrer links for each log entry.
hasExternalReferrer true Session was started from an external referrer link.
googleLanguage, googleCountry “en”; “com” Language and country parameters from external Google links.

"" : 1,
"Karl Marx" : 13, "Benjamin Franklin" : 2

Browsing, paging and related item queries with frequency; includes queries that are typed by the user (Karl Marx; Benjmin Franklin) as well as queries set by the system as consequence of a link request.
uniqueQueriesNr 3 No. of unique queries in session.
searchType “Paging”: 5 Search types with query frequency: „initial“: first result page viewed,„paging“:at least 2 result pages viewed, “facet select”: first result page viewed with result refinement.
facetSelected 1 No. of search result pages with facet selection.
Statistics for Brief Result Pages
pageViews 6 No. of result list pages.
hasPagingSessions True Session includes brief result paging.
uniquePagingSessionNr 2 No. of unique brief result.paging sessions per query (Karl Marx; Benjamin Franklin).
pagingSessions "Karl Marx" : 4,"Benjamin Franklin" : 2 Queries with result page interaction; for Karl Marx 4 result pages were viewed and for the query Benjamin Franklin only 2.
usesFacetsConstraints true Usage of facets.
hasLangFacetSelected true Usage of language facet.
selectedLangFacets “pt” Selected language facet.
hasCountryFacetSelected false Usage of country facet.
selectedCountryFacets x Selected country facet.
hasProviderFacetSelected false Usage of provider facet.
selectedProviderFacets x Selected provider facet.
queryConstraints "\"TYPE:\"TEXT\"\"", "\"LANGUAGE:\"pt\"\" Content of selected facets.
countryFacet "france", "germany", "portugal" Top three country facets returned.
languageFacet "fr", "de" Top three language facets returned.
Statistics for Full Result Pages
directFullViews 0 User landed on full view without performing a search.
uniqueFullViews 4 No. of unique full object views.
nrUniqueCollections 3 No. of unique collections viewed.
uniqueCollections "00301", "92201", "90101" Collection IDs.
collCountry norway Country of collection viewed.
collLanguage no Language of collection viewed.
Queries "europeana_uri:
"" : 1,
"Karl Marx" : 5
Queries from which the user navigated to a full view.
Statistics for Interface Language
Languages "EN" : 1, "PT" : 23 For each page view, the interface language is determined; this session contains one page view with an EN and 23 page views with PT
uniqueLanguagesNr 2 Nr. of unique languages: EN, PT.
hasLanguageChange true Session includes an interface language change.
hasLanguageChangeFirst false Interface language change appeared as first action.
languageChangePairs "EN->PT" : 1 Interface language change pairs.
userTriggeredlanguageChange false Session includes a user-triggered interface language change via drop-down menu.
languageChangeType "cookie-change" Interface language change type.
Locale x