Posted on Tuesday October 6, 2015

Legacy of Ladislav Šaban

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Collection Title: Legacy of Ladislav Šaban
Source: Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Division for the History of Croatian Music (HAZU)
Licence for Metadata: CC0
Licence for Content: CC BY­NC­ND
Data Format: Text
Metadata Format: EDM (Europeana Data Model)
How Accessed: Europeana Portal

The Division for the History of Croatian Music – a part of the Institute for the History of Croatian Literature, Theatre and Music of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts – was founded in1979 with the aim of maintaining systematic research related to the history of Croatian music within national and international projects. The Division keeps various types of material, a part of which has been digitized due to its uniqueness, and in order to assure its protection and availability.

Archival material from the legacy of Croatian pianist, music teacher and musicologist Ladislav Šaban (1918­1985) represents comprehensive, very valuable and frequently used material of the Division. It consists of studies, notes, correspondence, documentation material, and a collection of photos of Croatian organs. Particularly valuable are his data on organs and organ-builders in Croatia; Šaban collected them systematically and comprehensively. This extensive material has mostly been collected during the 1960s and the 1970s. In particular stand out the four folders (sign. 213­216) of thoughtfully arranged data on organ­builders (organised alphabetically by names, with biographical data and lists of works) and organ places (with specific historical, restoration data etc. on particular organs).

The digital material is divided into two collections: Data on organs – organ builders; Data on organs – places, with corresponding metadata.

Šaban, Ladislav, Data on organ­builder Petar Nakić (1694­1769), Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Division for the History of Croatian Music, CC BY­NC-ND