Posted on Thursday January 2, 2014

Google’s Field Trip pilot

Curated and enriched collections from three Europeana partners are now used in Google’s Field Trip.

The Field Trip mobile app is developed by Google’s Niantic Labs for iPhone, Android mobile devices and Google Glass. It allows users to explore and discover more about their surroundings. Available in over 30 languages, Field Trip uses Google’s geolocation technology to provide travellers with interesting information about the world around them including local history, fun facts about art and architecture, hidden gem restaurants and much more.

As a result of the partnership between Europeana, Google’s Niantic Labs, the Swedish National Heritage Board, the National Heritage Board of Estonia and the National Heritage Board of Poland, tourists from around the world can now use Field Trip to view and learn about archaeological sites, historic buildings and important monuments in Poland, Estonia and Sweden.

The pilot project marks a successful entry into the tourism market and the first step to building solid and productive relationships between cultural institutions and the digital tourism industry. Having their collections available on the Field Trip app will allow memory institutions to have greater visibility, wider outreach and deeper engagement with their audiences.

Following the successful completion of this pilot, Europeana is working to add other cultural institutions’ material to Field Trip and is encouraging members of its Network to join this partnership by contacting Milena Popova.