Posted on Wednesday April 15, 2015

European Correspondence to Jacob Burckhardt (1842-1897)

Letters from the nineteenth-century cultural historian Jacob Buckhardt

As part of the Digitised Manuscripts to Europeana project (DM2E), content related to the letters and correspondence of Jacob Buckhardt was presented to Europeana.

Buckhardt was one of the first cultural historians. Operating across Europe, he had a signfiicant role in defining the discipline of art history and bringing scholarly analysis to broad artistic terms, notably in his study of the Renaissance. But, as the letters indicate, his interests were broader than history; politics and the effects of democracy, culture and the effects of a nascent modernism were two of his ongoing concerns.

Buckhardt is asked once again for a portrait and a biographical sketch to be inserted in G. Könnecke’s «Bilderatlas zur Geschichte der deutschen Nationallitteratur», 1885,, Staatsarchiv Basel, CC BY-NC-SA

The letters are not cultural essays of course. They also deal with friends and family, requests from publishers, as in the example above where Buckhardt is asked to provide a portrait for a work on the history of German literature.

There are 497 letters realted to Buckhardt available via Europeana. And, since they have a CC BY-NC-SA licence they can be reused non-commercially.

This is amongst numerous collected presented to Europeana as part of DM2E. Other will be featured on Europeana Research in coming months