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Posted on Friday June 17, 2016


Theme: Supply
Indicator: Degree of digital reproduction/representation presence in the digital collections
Reference date: 29/5/2015 (Enumerate Core Survey 3)
Monitoring frequency: biennial
Institution types: museums, libraries, archives, other
Geographical scope: Europe

This indicator fixes the proportion of the analogue collections of a heritage institution that have been digitally reproduced.

On average, and considering all types of memory institutions, 23% of the heritage collections is digitised, according to the respondents of the latest core survey. About 50% still needs to be digitised. Please note that these are not weighted figures. Institutions with small collections count as having the same in weight as institutions with large collections.

Striking data

A limited number of high volume "digitising institutions" raises average percentages. The fact that the data we have are not weighted may imply that the actual percentage of the digitisation level for all cultural heritage in Europe will actually be much smaller than the figures we have here.

Early 2015 on average, 23% of the heritage collections is digitised, according to the respondents. In Core Survey 2 this figure was 17%. In Core Survey 1 it was 20%. The variance proves we should be cautious to draw firm conclusions from these data. The same can be said about the felt need to digitise. The most recent survey seems to suggests that about 50% still needs to be digitised. In both earlier core surveys these percentages were 57% (Core Survey 1) and 52% (Core Survey 2).

Contact us

If you have a question about this indicator or the data analysis in general, please contact us. We are continuously trying to improve our data. If you have any other data or research available that complements or contradicts our data, please let us know. You can write an email to Stephanie Teunisse, stephanie.teunisse[at]