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Cultural Heritage Institutions

All across Europe, museums, galleries, libraries and archives are digitizing their collections so that anyone anywhere can explore and learn from them. Once these collections are made public online, we work with aggregators to bring them into Europeana Collections. There, we work hard to make sure anyone can find, use and share them: for research, for learning, for creating new things.

Europeana Collections brings together digitized cultural heritage material from over 3,500 cultural heritage institutions. By sharing their collections, these institutions are able to reach a wider audience, who see their material alongside related items from different countries, presenting different perspectives and offering new opportunities to make connections.

Reaching new audiences

In terms of data quality, the more you give, the more you get. When content that offers audience high quality resources, with useful, full and detailed accompanying information, and a rights statement that allows that item to be shared and used in new ways, doors open. Then, we can showcase that material in blogs, galleries, online exhibitions and campaigns. We can share it on social media, reaching millions. 

A professional network

Being involved with Europeana isn't just about the data. It's about the people. By joining the Europeana Network Association, people from the cultural heritage sector can work with like-minded industry professionals to solve common issues. The Network Association members actively shape the future of the sector and digital practice by influencing policymakers' decisions on issues that concern us all, such as copyright or multilingualism. The Network Association shapes Europeana through Task Forces and the development of the Europeana Business Plan.

Our activities



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