Posted on Wednesday September 24, 2014

Communication Tools

Below are a series of graphics, factsheets, presentations and other tools to help you promote the Europeana Cloud project.

1. Our Logo - Available in a landscape and portrait version (download from Flickr).

2. Slide Presentation - We have put together a set of basic slides, that serve as a general introduction to the project. You can customise them to suit your needs. The slide presentation is available in a 19MB high resolution and a 1 MB low resolution version.

3. Factsheet - Download this double-sided factsheet from Slideshare or from Europeana Professional. It is ideal for printing and distributing at meetings, conferences and workshops.

4. Poster - We created this poster for the LIBER 2014 conference. You may wish to use it at your event as well. It is printable in sizes up to A0. Download the poster.

5. Graphics - We have created four graphics that explain key aspects of the Europeana Cloud infrastructure. You may want to print these or include them in slide presentations. The graphics cover the following areas:

6. Glossary - The Europeana Glossary contains easily understandable definitions of terms related to Europeana and the Europeana Cloud project.

In addition, you can follow news about the project on Twitter. We also publish (occasional) newsletters when we have major news to announce. Sign up here for the newsletters.