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Posted on Tuesday September 25, 2018

Common legal standards

We work to make sure we're using models and systems that work for everyone.

We do this by standardising how we deal with data and presenting it in a way that's accurate and useful so it can be easily reused or repurposed for a variety of means (digital apps, books reports, research data, fashion design).

Our frameworks for interoperability and standardization of data and rights have been widely adopted. Europeana is copied as a model by India, US, Brazil, Korea, Canada as well as within the EU by its member countries.

Europeana represents over 3,500 cultural heritage institutions from across Europe. As such, we have a responsibility to speak up and make the digital cultural heritage sector work as well as it can for all of those institutions. And so we engage in advocacy activity at a European level - on critical topics such as the public domain and copyright - by and on behalf of our partners, the Europeana Network, and our audiences. We have an Advocacy Framework that provides a structure within which the Europeana Foundation can comfortably engage in advocacy activity, in a transparent and accountable manner.