Posted on Friday October 30, 2015

Collections on Europeana Research

The Europeana Research website highlights collections of interest to researchers.

Europeana Research contains collections of interest to the research community. The Featured Collections section highlights particular collections that have been recently added to the Europeana dataset.

Meanwhile, the Our Data section (coming soon) provides access to a larger number of collections. It describes the collections and gives an indication of the content, in terms of the nature of the orignial physical items, and their spatial and temporal coverage (ie where and when they come from). There is a link to the items within the collection on the Europeana portal.

At present, there are a sample of around 20 collections on Our Data. These numbers will grow with time. They also include full-text dumps of digitised newspapers from the Europeana Newspapers project.

Many of these collections are also openly available via the Europeana API. If so, there will be links to the API Console, to allow users to build API queries and extract metadata related to the collections.