Posted on Friday September 19, 2014

Why become a Data Provider?

Could your organisation be part of the Europeana story? If you’re a European cultural institution with a digital collection, we’d like to hear from you.

Here at Europeana we’re committed to bringing Europe’s cultural riches to a wider audience.

My dream is one online database to rule them all. Not one for natural history here, one for Europeana national museums there, medium sized art galleries with Spanish art somewhere else. My dream is for Europeana to be the Google or Wikipedia for cultural heritage across Europe. One that people don’t even think about using, they just use it.

-Mark Carnall (Grant Museum UCL)

We’ve built the world’s largest collection of Europe’s cultural heritage data. But we haven’t done it alone. More than 3,000 libraries, archives and museums have connected their digital collections to Europeana to make them globally available.

Why? Here are some powerful reasons for connecting with Europeana.

Together we can transform the impact of your collections

  • Take your collections to where your audiences are – on blogs, social media and Wikipedia
  • Provide richer context and increase the visibility of your collections
  • Make your collections available for re-use by other services

We’ve built up a valuable skillset and we’re keen to share

  • Key into a great source of help and expertise on data modelling
  • Get advice on copyright issues and how to pick the right licence
  • Access usage analytics for great insights into your own collections and audiences

Our technical tools are all open source

  • Open up your collections by linking up to thousands of other collections
  • Make your data more interoperable through the Europeana API
  • Improve visibility by uploading your collection to services like Wikimedia Commons

Europeana opens up a valuable network to its partners

  • Connect with like-minded industry professionals to solve common issues
  • Identify potential partners and joint funding opportunities
  • Reach out to other sectors – creatives, education, tourism and more

Europeana is a not-for-profit organisation funded by the European Commission and individual Member States. This means that we don’t charge you for our services.

Want to share your collections with Europeana?

Get in touch. We’ll get back to you within 3 days. In the meantime, find out more about contributing data to Europeana using the links below.