Posted on Thursday March 12, 2015


Ongoing campaign supporting social, cultural and economic innovation through opening up our shared heritage.

About #AllezCulture

The #AllezCulture campaign promotes the role of Europeana and the digital cultural heritage sector in supporting social, cultural and economic innovation through opening up access to our shared heritage. 

In the past, this has included calls to action (like our 2013 petition and Dreams campaign), and ongoing encouragement for people to share news about cultural heritage and examples of good practice. The use of the #AllezCulture hashtag makes allies of organizations and individuals who are passionate about supporting digital cultural heritage efforts in Europe.

Latest activities

In February 2017, Europeana launched #AllezLiterature, a social media based thematic campaign focused on libraries and archives, words and text. #AllezLiterature: highlighted the importance and beauty of text; fostered active engagement with both the general public and with libraries and archives across Europe; highlighted existing Europeana content and collected some specific high quality text; and emphasised that Europeana content is broader than visual images. The campaign spotlit important letters, poetry, books and archives in particular.

In spring 2016, the 'I am Europeanaeu' campaign, run by our Members Council, invited people to share their cultural hero or heroine, as found in Europeana Collections, using #AllezCulture and the tagline ‘I am @Europeanaeu’.

This campaign aimed to raise awareness about Europeana and the cultural riches it opens up access to, and increase support for Europeana under the current Dutch Presidency of the Council of the EU. All this contributes to our ongoing sustainability.

Why support Europeana?

Europeana is at the cutting edge of opening up data and access to digital cultural heritage because we:

  •   enhance international visibility for cultural institutions across Europe
  •   create access to a rich source of trustworthy material for education and research
  •   provide business start-ups, creative industry and tourism sectors with interoperable and standardized data: 50+ million digitized objects (e.g. designs, paintings, photos, books, films) complete with copyright information and covering all EU countries and languages
  •   connect European citizens through their online cultural heritage

Europeana thereby fuels and inspires Europe's digital economy by promoting cultural and social innovation - a key part of Europe's Single Market going digital.

So whether you are a researcher, a teacher, a developer, a small business or a European citizen, our vast cultural resource is open to inspire you to explore, learn, create and innovate.

The infrastructure supporting Europe's digital platform for cultural heritage


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