Posted on Tuesday June 7, 2016

AGM Working Group

This working group is responsible for the set-up of a yearly event, the Europeana Network Association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).
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A Deauville : danseuses sur la plage. French National Library, Public Domain

The AGM creates the opportunity for Europeana Network members to meet, learn, discuss, feel engaged and get inspired but also networking opportunities with colleagues to share ideas, processes, what's working, and sometimes—more importantly—what isn't.

The Programme Committee is selected for each next AGM and is responsible for the administration and agenda of AGM, the running of the event and the post-event follow-up. The Programme Committee is also responsible for the Communication of the AGM.

The Advisory Board (the Members Council as a whole) is responsible for pushing the communication outwards and making sure the Programme Committee carries out the activities.

This year, the AGM will take place in Riga, Latvia, on November 7-8.

Working Group chair

Members Council representatives

Vladimir AlexievCompany: OntotextCountry: BulgariaDomain: Creative industries
Stephan BartholmeiCompany: German Digital LibraryCountry: GermanyDomain: Library
Laura CarlettiCompany: University of NottinghamCountry: United KingdomDomain: Other
Jiří FrankCompany: National Museum, PragueCountry: Czech RepublicDomain: Museum
Lizzy JongmaCompany: Institute for War-, Holocaust- and GenocidestudiesCountry: NetherlandsDomain: Education
Johan OomenCompany: Netherlands Institute for Sound and VisionCountry: NetherlandsDomain: Audio-visual archive
Sorina StancaCompany: Octavian Goga Cluj County LibraryCountry: RomaniaDomain: Library
Sašo ZagoranskiCompany: SemantikaCountry: SloveniaDomain: Creative industries