Posted on Thursday July 30, 2015

About Europeana Labs

Europeana Labs combines rights-cleared images, videos, audio and text files with technical expertise, tools, services and business knowledge.

Use our APIs for your own developments and mash-ups, or visit our on-location labs - playgrounds for using and experimenting with digital collections from Europe's museums, galleries, libraries and archives.

With the Europeana APIs, you can access the collections and incorporate them into things like apps, games, websites, even creating mash-ups using other APIs. The possibilities really are endless.

Want to work with these collections? The Europeana APIs allow you to access exactly what you want, delivering your own customised view of Europeana content. You choose how much information is shown, where, and in what format. To start developing your own applications, register for an API key now.

We have highlighted just some of the collections you can find through Europeana - explore them all through the Europeana portal or directly through the API console.


Europeana Labs is a collaboration between the Europeana Foundation and the Europeana Creative project.