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Why we (the Europeana initiative) exist? our mission. 

We transform the world with culture.

We do this by making cultural heritage objects more accessible and usable online, and further by measuring their effects on behavior. We build on Europe’s rich cultural heritage and make it easier for people to use for work, learning or pleasure.

We have built a network of people who share our mission. Together we advocate for culture - for legal standards, for data standards, and for political relevance.

Why is our mission is important?

"The European Union is supporting Europe in realising its full potential through new technologies. We support that goal, specifically for the cultural heritage sector.

Digital transformation is an umbrella term that captures the impact of digital innovation on the ground in different sectors. We do not simply apply technology at Europeana, we apply it sensibly and with serious consideration to implementing our values."

quote from EU member or Harry 

What do we (the Europeana initiative) stand for? Our values. 


Content needs to be easy-to-use and open, otherwise, the reach of any social or economic impact will be limited to the privileged few. In action? This includes developing rights statements, such as those available through, to guide institutions and individuals on how they can reuse digital cultural heritage objects.


Technological innovation needs to be community-based and reciprocal. We need to work as a network, rather than as individuals, combining the best of sector knowledge and practices. Offline, this looks like the Europeana Network Association. In the digital, this is seen in user-generated content.


Technologies and online interfaces need to work and be well-structured, with users and their data safeguarded. In practice, this means supporting GDPR processes. It means improving data quality and providing support to data providers in taking their cultural heritage online.

Mission in action

Advocacy on copyright

Advocacy on copyright

We lobby for high-quality, open data to transform the world with culture. 

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Common legal standards

Common legal standards

We work to make sure we're using models and systems that work for everyone.

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Impact tools & resources

Image from Impact Design workshop, Glasgow - Europeana Foundation

Dec 2016

The Netherlands


Impact tools & resources

page posts Image from Impact Design workshop, Glasgow Europeana Foundation Dec 2016 The Netherlands CC-BY-SA Public-Domain

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