Posted on Wednesday August 28, 2013

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Become a member of Europeana Network Association and be part of Europe’s online cultural movement.

Do you have an idea that'll change the future of digital culture? Do you want to contribute your organization's content to Europeana Collections? Are you looking for comrades in tech? Do you want to meet other people working in cultural heritage?

If you said 'Yes!' at least once then sign up to become part of the Europeana Network Association now - it's quick and it's free.

Five reasons to join the Europeana Network Association

The Europeana Network Association is a dedicated group of experts working in the field of digital heritage, united by a shared mission to expand and improve access to Europe's digital cultural heritage. As a member, you can:

  • Meet fellow colleagues from the cultural sector, then get inspired and develop new projects together - virtually via our LinkedIn group, and in real life at our events and workshops.
  • Actively shape the future of our sector and digital practice by influencing policymakers' decisions on issues that concern us all, such as copyright or multilingualism. The Network Association shapes Europeana through Task Forces and the development of the Europeana Business Plan.
  • Become part of our expert communities. Join as many, or as few, as you like -  EuropeanaTech, Data Services,  Europeana Labs,  Europeana IPR,  Europeana Research.
  • Stay up-to-date with Europeana's latest developments through a monthly Network Association newsletter.
  • Participate in the Europeana Network Association Members Council elections once a year - or even put yourself forward as a candidate.

'I believe in a 'hands-on’ approach to change. Through our joint efforts, this network can contribute to a more culturally reflective and rich society' - Merete Sanderhoff, Chair of the Europeana Network Association

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One last thing before you sign up -  please read the Europeana Network Association Statutes and Europeana Network Association By Laws because we'll ask you to agree to them. 

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Leave the Europeana Network Association

If you no longer wish to be a member of the Europeana Network Association, please send an email to

This means that:

  • you will no longer receive our email updates
  • you will no longer be allowed to participate in the Members Council elections
  • your contact details will be removed from our various communities