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Data Manifesto

Trust is a value we respect and uphold. We vow to be a trusted resource for our users and an honest partner for our data providers.

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Reliable: Content should be easy to find, understand and download, or the reach of any social or economic impact will be limited to the privileged few. In action? This includes developing rights statements, such as those available through, to guide institutions and individuals on how they can reuse digital cultural heritage objects (essentially, the images they find on Europeana Collections).

Mutual: Technological innovation needs to be community-based and reciprocal. We work as a network, rather than as individuals, combining the best of sector knowledge and practices. Offline, this looks like the Europeana Network Association. In the digital, this is seen in our user-generated content.

Usable: Technologies and online interfaces need to work and be well-structured, with users and their data safeguarded. In practice, this means supporting GDPR processes. It means improving data quality and providing support to data providers in taking their cultural heritage online.


Community effort to translate copyright terms into 5 languages

Created: 27 August 2018

Imagine you’ve discovered a great object on Europeana Collections. You want to use it, but you’re not sure how to do it correctly. Would it be easier for you to understand and share if the copyright and reuse information was correct and available in your native language? We believed it would and our Copyright Community has made it happen.

EPIC collections spotlight the uniqueness of legacy

EPIC’s Storytelling gallery


EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum



EPIC collections spotlight the uniqueness of legacy

Created: 23 August 2018

As a part of Europeana Migration, EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum in Dublin has been hosting a series of collections days. We speak with Senior Curator, Nathan Mannion about what it takes to delve into Ireland’s migration history, and the sweet fickleness of personal legacy.